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Jaldapara Golden Resort

The Resort is exceptionally unique with well-appointed space, and offers a sole experience for guests that are cherished and careful, while providing high levels of service in the region.

Jaldapara Golden Resort are efficiently run and managed whilst embracing the local flavour of Jaldapara National Park. Certain essentials that distinguish the resort, a beautiful natural location, outstanding facilities, exceptional service to ensure exclusivity and privacy.

The d├ęcor of each resort makes use of locally sourced materials, reflecting elements of the natural surroundings and the traditions of local cultures. Guests may experience Safaris by Jeep & Elephant which may comprise of game viewing, nature and bird walks with cultural village visits.

Visitors Notes
Jaldapara National Park
Elephant Ride | Jungle Safari
Toto Tribe Village| 22 Km-Jaldapara
Khayer Bari
an animal rescue centre| 15km-Jaldapara